Why should you visit the career center before going home for winter break?

The end of the term is upon us and the Becker Career Center wants to know what YOU are up to this winter break! Why not work on your internship/ job search, networking, or interviewing skills. The Becker Career Center is here to help you feel confident about your future endeavors before heading home for break.


What we can do to help:

Resume & Cover Letter Review: Any job/internship that you are planning to apply to definitely requires a resume. Make an appointment to get yours looked over so it’s in tip top shape for your employer. The career center can also help you write a cover letter. Email careercenter@union.edu with your availability.

Networking: Connections are very valuable when learning about career fields of interest and increasing your knowledge and likelihood of securing an opportunity. Learn all about UCAN and LinkedIn before Fall Term is over by attending a UCAN Orientation or LinkedIn Workshop. For a list of dates and times, log into HireU or stop by the career center to pick up a flyer. 

Interviewing: Have an interview occurring before you leave for winter break? Setup an appointment with a counselor for interview preparation or a mock interview by emailing careercenter@union.edu with your availability.

Need help applying for jobs/internships/grad school, perfecting your documents OR prepping for an interview, we are here to help!

Our office is open throughout break as well from 8 am- 4 pm.  We are happy to schedule in person appointments as well as appointments over the phone!

I know you are all looking forward to this time off from classes but come check us out before you leave!!


Why you should get your resume reviewed?

As you begin looking for jobs and internships, you will see that every opportunity requires a resume and you will want yours to stand out in the candidate pool. Sometimes individuals are vague articulating relevant employment, academic, and leadership experiences on their resume. Doing so undersells their experience and reduces the chance of hearing back from employers. The more detailed and specific the important/relevant experience are, the stronger the candidate.

When writing bullet points, use action verbs to describe what you did, how you did it, why you did it, and any results achieved. For example, a camp counselor bullet point stating “watched kids during my activities” could be expanded to “planned and implemented a variety of extracurricular activities for a diverse group of children aimed to promote teamwork and respect.” Adding more detail in will strengthen your resume and make it stand out.


Becker Career Center is here to help you through all the stages of drafting your resume before you send it to employers or graduate schools. Take the time to read through our Resume Guide available here. We want to help you highlight your academic, leadership, volunteer and professional experiences to increase your chances of being hired. Email the Career Center at CareerCenter@union.edu to schedule an appointment to have your resume reviewed.

Mock Interview Day- Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect.

I’m sure you have all heard this phrase before.  Whether it is getting ready for the next big game, performance, concert, or speech, we all know that practicing improves the outcome!  The same can be said for preparing for interviews for jobs and internships!  You wouldn’t want to step into an interview and do this:


So, how can you avoid freezing during an interview? The answer is simple, mock interviews!

Lucky for you, we are hosting a Mock Interview Day on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12th from 9am- 3:30pm.  This is your chance to schedule mock interviews with REAL employers without the stress of having a job or internship on the line!  These employers will ask you basic, behavioral interview questions and provide feedback on your ability to answer their questions, body language and overall presence.  This feedback will give you some great insight on your areas for improvement and instances where you shine!

To sign up for a 30 minute Mock Interview time, you can follow these instructions:

1)   Log into HireU (https://www.myinterfase.com/union/student)

  1. Username: ID#
  2. Password: Last name

2)   Select “Career Center Events” from the top yellow navigation bar

3)   Career Event Name – type “Mock”

  1. Then Click Search

4)   Select time you would like, click “register for event”

  • Seniors who have not attended Senior Orientation must call the Career Center to sign up 518.388.6176

5)   READ and PRINT registration page for reference (View the Guide to Interviewing to prep for your Mock Interview)

6)   Please email your resume to careercenter@union.edu with Mock Interview Day in the subject.

***By signing up in HireU you are committing to participate in this program at the time you select.

If you have having trouble signing up, you can call the career center to register, (518) 388-6176 or email careercenter@union.eduDeadline to sign up is Tuesday, October 10th.

You do not want to miss this opportunity to interview with real employers or you’ll end up like this:


Grad School

Did you know that more than 60% of Union College first year students are thinking about graduate school in their future, but only 22% of the 2016 class headed into graduate school upon graduation?

Some students realized they didn’t need to or want to go to graduate school right after undergrad. Some individuals missed the application deadlines and they needed to postpone. Some realized they needed more work experience before graduate school. Another group simply misses many of the application deadlines and had to postpone their graduate school plans. The Becker Career Center is here to help every step of the way.

Image result for grad school

Check out our Graduate School Timeline here to see what steps you can be taking right now. Applying to graduate schools is a lot like the job and internship search process. You need to begin understanding your career goals, develop professional documents, research (Employers, Graduate Schools), practice interviewing and begin networking early on. The applications involve several edits and reviews before they’re ready to be submitted.

Check out our Graduate School Resources page here for more information. If you have already started researching or have specific questions about the application process, you can make an appointment by emailing careercenter@union.edu.

Start Your Summer Internship Search

Summer may seem lightyears away… But don’t be fooled! Your summer internship search starts now!

The reality is, the longer you wait to get started, the more opportunities you will likely miss out on. Fall Term through Winter Term is a time when internship opportunities are plenty! Many application deadlines will creep up on you — Don’t let them surprise you! Preparation can begin today.

  1. Know Where to Look

Are you familiar with Union College’s internship databases/resources? If the answer is ‘no’, attend an Internship Search Orientation.

During this 45 minute program, you will search internship databases to identify employers who are looking for you and learn how to compete effectively for opportunities that stir your passion. Students are encouraged to bring their laptops!

Upcoming Dates/Times:

Wednesday September 27th, 4:00pm

Friday September 29th, 4:00pm

Tuesday October 3rd, 1:00pm

  1. Give Your Resume a Makeover

If you have a resume, be sure you send it to the career center (careercenter@union.edu) or schedule an appointment to have it reviewed. Been there, done that? You’re not off the hook yet… When did you last update your resume? Is stuff missing? Could your resume benefit from being reorganized or tailored toward positions in which you are applying? My guess is YES!

  1. Become an Expert in Communicating

While applying through databases and having a tailored resume are essential to your internship search, do not undervalue the importance of your communication skills.

Communication is key.

Initial contact with an employer (i.e.; phone, video or in-person interviews) are often the primary way hiring managers determine if you are the best fit for their position.

Are you comfortable talking about yourself?

Can you effectively summarize your resume and/or experiences?

Can you convince someone of your value as it relates to a specific job?

If the answer is “I’m not sure” “Maybe” or “No” then get to the Becker Career Center to meet with a career advisor to learn about Networking and/or Interview Preparation.

We will coach you, in a comfortable, hopefully unintimidating atmosphere so that you can become confident as you build your communication skills!


“The Internship Lady”                       

Seniors—Life After Union-Yay or Nay?

Are U ready to make your post-grad plans?

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, crowd, sky and outdoor

Kudos to those of you who attended the first few Senior Orientations! If you didn’t get a chance to attend Senior Orientation, no worries; there are more sessions scheduled all month! Or, get together with a few friends/teammates/club members and let us know a date and time that works for you; contact Rochelle at carusor@union.edu. Senior Orientation is required to participate in recruiting activities through the Becker Career Center (i.e., if you want to apply for jobs, you’ll want to attend a Senior Orientation).

Upcoming Senior Orientations

Monday, September 18, 1pm*

Tuesday, September 19, 5pm

Wednesday, September 20, 4pm

Thursday, September 21, 1pm*

Monday, September 25, 5pm

Wednesday, September 27, 7pm

Thursday, September 28, 5pm

Alumni Advice:

  1. “Start your graduate school applications NOW. It takes time to get personal statements reviewed and to ask professors to write letters of recommendation.”
  2. “Start the job hunt as soon as possible, especially if you want a leadership development program, as most start recruiting in the early fall.” Meghan Erdman ’15
  3. “Coming in to the Career Center every few weeks or so for a meeting was really helpful.” Marley Weig-Pickering ’17
  4. “Networking is key! I attended a speed-networking event; it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. Keep talking to alumni and asking questions.” -Madeleine Clemmons ’17
  5. “The most important things I learned from the career center were how to network using UCAN and properly communicate with professionals.” -Lauren Gibson ’17
  6. “I learned that practice makes perfect.By practicing interviews as many times as I did with the career center, I felt ready to do it in the real world.” -2015 Alum in Non-Profit Industry.  Take advantage of Mock Interview Day with real employers on Thursday, October 12th. Contact the Career Center to sign up: 518.388.6176.
  7. “Apply for jobs that you have the slightest interest in;you never know what you’ll learn about yourself, and you may even end up liking it. Be open minded & give things a try.”
  8. “Be on the hunt for jobs every single day; treat it as another class. –2015 Alum

To get started on these or other aspects of your job search or graduate school plans, contact the Career Center at CareerCenter@union.edu.

Welcome Back Students/ Community Service Funded Intern Spot Light!

The Becker Career Center is back to the blog, #BeckerBlogs! Join us here to learn more about happenings at the Career Center and tips for success.

Today, we want to welcome you back to campus for another great year at Union College.

This summer many students participated in internships and other exciting experiences. Five students in particular were supported in their internships at non-profit organizations by funding from Union alumni.

We want to shout out a special thank you to our alumni who funded these amazing students this summer: The Class of 1973, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity., Mohammad A. Omar ’94 Memorial, and the Board of Trustees who established an endowed fund in the name of Roger H. Hull.

This summer’s funded interns did great things at:

  • Carolyn Doty ’18, Community Autism Resources, Gottschall Access Program, Swansea, MA;
  • Christina Dykas ’18, Health Imperatives, Inc., Hyannis/Brockton, MA;
  • Matthew Liquori ’18, Joan Nicole Prince Home, Scotia, NY;
  • Chrissy Craig ’19, Bethany Apartments, Racine WI;
  • Meghan Reilly ’20, Special Olympics New York, Schenectady, NY

You can read about each of their experiences in previous #BeckerBlogs posts: https://unioncollegecareers.wordpress.com/.