Congratulations on completing Fall Term!


Congratulations goes out to ALL students on the Successful Completion of the Fall term!

It flew by, as our trimesters tend to do!

Taking a little bit of a different approach to this weeks blog, we are looking for YOUR participation- We would LOVE to know what you are up to this break!

If you: 

Have secured a job offer– YAY congratulations! Let us know about it!

Have an internship for winter breakwe’d love to know what you are up to!

Are headed to Graduate School– contact us!

Accepted an internship for the summer of 2019E-mail us!

Need help applying for jobs/internships/grad school, perfecting your documents OR prepping for an interviewwe are here to help! 

Our office is open throughout break from 8 am- 4 pm.  We are happy to schedule in person appointments as well as appointments over the phone!  This is a PERFECT time to get a jump start on the job, internship and grad school search!

I know you are all looking forward to this time off from classes!  Enjoy, rest, relax and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Why should you visit the career center before going home for winter break?

The end of the term is upon us and the Becker Career Center wants to know what YOU are up to this winter break! Why not work on your internship/ job search, networking, or interviewing skills. The Becker Career Center is here to help you feel confident about your future endeavors before heading home for break.


What we can do to help:

Resume & Cover Letter Review: Any job/internship that you are planning to apply to definitely requires a resume. Make an appointment to get yours looked over so it’s in tip top shape for your employer. The career center can also help you write a cover letter. Visit Handshake to schedule an appointment or email with your availability.

Networking: Connections are very valuable when learning about career fields of interest and increasing your knowledge and likelihood of securing an opportunity. Learn all about UCAN and LinkedIn before Fall Term is over by attending a UCAN Orientation or LinkedIn Workshop. For a list of dates and times, log into Handshake or stop by the career center to pick up a flyer.

Interviewing: Have an interview occurring before you leave for winter break? Setup an appointment with a counselor for interview preparation or a mock interview by visiting Handshake or emailing with your availability.

Need help applying for jobs/internships/grad school, perfecting your documents OR prepping for an interviewwe are here to help!

Our office is open throughout break as well from 8 am- 4 pm.  We are happy to schedule in person appointments as well as appointments over the phone!

I know you are all looking forward to this time off from classes but come check us out before you leave!!


Word Collage - Value of Liberal Arts Fall 2015

As a Union College student, you’ve worked hard at your studies, taken advantage of extracurricular opportunities and had an important internship or research experience or two.  Now you’re getting ready to graduate and enter the work world.  You know what you want to do, you’ve got a solid resume, and you’ve learned from built relationships with others and you’ve generated employer interest.  All you have to do is nail your interviews.  You’re not worried.  You’ve done your homework and feel prepared.  Besides, you’re a good talker so this should be a breeze.

On the day of your first interview you meet the employer who welcomes you and engages in some small talk, which is comforting.  She leads you to her office, sits down, instructs you to do the same, leans forward in her chair and asks, how has your Union College liberal arts education prepared you for this position?

How do you respond?

The reason the employer is asking this questions is that they want to know if you understand and can articulate how your Union College education has prepared you to do their job.

To help you answer this question we’ve developed and Acronym – EDUCATES – to remind you of the very important skills and competencies you’ve developed or strengthened at Union College. In the diagram below we’ve outlined the key skills and competencies associated with EDUCATES.

Empathy: To consider alternative perspectives

Disciplined approach to inquiry: The importance of providing evidence based conclusions / solutions

Unity:   Ability to work effectively in teams, to collaborate

Communication: Effective written and oral communicate skills

Analytical:  Ability to identify relationships among seemingly disparate parts, to synthesize information

Thinking:  T-Shape thinking skills. Deep thinking from studies within your major;  Broad thinking from studies outside your major.  Ability to think creatively

Ethics:   Engaging in and doing the right thing

Self-Reflection:  Taught to learn how to learn, humility, courage, and tolerance

Notice that we’ve bolded four competencies.  We call these the core four – Unity, Communication, Analytical and Thinking.  These competencies are most often identified by our employers as particularly important.  As such, we want you to be sure to talk about the core four.  If you can add the other competencies you will further impress the employer.

Sample Response

You should hire me because at Union College I developed critical thinking skills that allow me to think deep (through studies in my major) and broad (through studies outside of my major), T-shaped thinking if you will; Through my coursework and research I have developed effective communication skills both orally and in writing, and strong analytical skills that have allowed me to identify relationships among seemingly disparate parts; Through my coursework and extracurricular activities I’ve learned how to work effectively in teams, and how to look at the world through others’ eyes and this ability to empathize will certainly help me when I deal with internal and external clients; Finally, Union has taught me the importance of ethics, engaging in and doing the right thing. Together, these skills will help me to effectively solve any problem I encounter now and in the future. That’s why I believe you should hire me.

Interested in Grad School?

Did you know that more than 60% of Union College first year students express an interest in graduate school, but only 24% of the 2017 class headed into graduate school upon graduation?

There are many reasons for this, including some students realizing they didn’t need to or want to go to graduate school right away, or realizing they needed more work experience in their fields before graduate school. If you look at Union grads five years out, many more have gone to graduate school. This is why it’s important to start exploring graduate school early.

Check out our Graduate School Timeline here to see what steps you can be taking right now. Applying to graduate schools is similar to the job and internship search process. The Becker Career Center is here to help every step of the way of your search and application process including providing resources for searches, developing your network skills, reviewing your documents and application materials, and strengthening your interviewing skills.

Check out our Graduate School Resources page here for more information. Be sure to attend a Grad School 101 orientation, and/or create an appointment in Handshake to learn more!

You don’t want to end up like this!

grad app

Mock Interview Day- Practice Makes Perfect (September 28th, 2018)

Practice Makes Perfect.

I’m sure you have all heard this phrase before.  Whether it is getting ready for the next big game, performance, concert, or speech, we all know that practicing improves the outcome!  The same can be said for preparing for interviews for jobs and internships!  You wouldn’t want to step into an interview and do this:


So, how can you avoid freezing during an interview? The answer is simple, mock interviews!

Lucky for you, we are hosting a Mock Interview Day on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28th from 9am- 3:30pm.  This is your chance to schedule mock interviews with REAL employers without the stress of having a job or internship on the line!  These employers will ask you basic, behavioral interview questions and provide feedback on your ability to answer their questions, body language and overall presence.  This feedback will give you some great insight on your areas for improvement and instances where you shine!

To sign up for a 30 minute Mock Interview time, you can follow these instructions:

• Log into Handshake using your single-sign on

• On the top tool bar, click ‘JOBS’

• Type ‘MOCK’ into the search field and select “Mock Interview Day”

• Click Apply, upload your resume and click SUBMIT

• You will be directed to the interview schedule to select a ½ hour time slot (limit one per person)

• Scroll down to view all available time slots

** Sign up closes Tuesday, September 26th, 2018 **

If you need to cancel your scheduled mock interview prior to September 26th you can do so through Handshake by clicking “Leave Slot”. After September 26th, please call our office 24 hours in advance (518) 388-6176. Questions about Mock Interview Day? Call the Career Center at 518-388-6176.

You do not want to miss this opportunity to interview with real employers or you’ll end up like this:


Seniors—Life After Union-Yay or Nay?

Are U ready to make your post-grad plans?

Kudos to those of you who attended the first few Senior Orientations! If you didn’t get a chance to attend Senior Orientation, no worries; there are more sessions scheduled all month! Or, get together with a few friends/teammates/club members and let me know a date and time that works for you; contact Rochelle at Senior Orientation is required to participate in recruiting activities through the Becker Career Center (i.e., if you want to apply for jobs, you’ll want to attend a Senior Orientation).

Upcoming Senior Orientations

Monday, September 17, 1pm*

Tuesday, September 18, 5pm

Wednesday, September 19, 4:30pm

Thursday, September 20, 1pm*

Monday, September 24, 5pm

Wednesday, September 26, 7pm

Thursday, September 27, 6pm

Alumni Advice:

  1. “Start your graduate school applications NOW. It takes time to get personal statements reviewed and to ask professors to write letters of recommendation.”
  2. “Start the job search process EARLY!! It is so helpful to give yourself lots of time to discuss your options. Job searching will become your fourth (and most important) course throughout senior year. To help USE THE CAREER CENTER!! Don’t forget to enjoy every single moment in your last year of college – it will fly by!” -Caitlyn McLaren ’18
  3. “The most important things I learned from the career center were how to network using UCAN and properly communicate with professionals.” -Lauren Gibson ’17
  4. “I learned that practice makes perfect.By practicing interviews as many times as I did with the career center, I felt ready to do it in the real world.” -2015 Alum in Non-Profit Industry.  Take advantage of Mock Interview Day with real employers on 28. Sign up in Handshake or contact the Career Center to sign up: 518.388.6176.
  5. “Apply for jobs that you have the slightest interest in;you never know what you’ll learn about yourself, and you may even end up liking it. Be open minded & give things a try.”

To get started on these or other aspects of your job search or graduate school plans, contact the Career Center at



Welcome Back Students/Handshake Information

The Becker Career Center is back to the blog, #BeckerBlogs! Join us here to learn more about happenings at the Career Center and tips for success.

Today, we want to welcome you back to campus for another great year at Union College!

Handshake- Students Getting Started

Handshake BBQ

Thursday, September 13, (rain date 9/20), Common Hour, Becker Career Center

***Free LUNCH and GIVEAWAYS***

We’ve launched our new Career Management System, Handshake and we want you to benefit from all it’s great features!  Handshake is designed to model sites and apps like Instagram and Facebook.  It helps you selectively target internships, employment opportunities and career related events.  Handshake is also where you will schedule your appointment with career advisors!  Stop by and see what it’s all about!

Remember….It all starts with a Handshake!

Oh, and check out the guest chefs behind the grill….Bob Soules and Pete Fowler!

Register for the BBQ by logging into your Handshake account. Not sure how to log in, email or stop in to the Becker Career Center for assistance. 


Handshake Orientations

Union College Becker Career Center

Attend an orientation to learn Handshake, our new career management system. Handshake will allow students to selectively search and apply to internships available in summer and during the academic year. You can find post-grad employment opportunities, tailoring the search toward your field of interest. Register for on and off campus career related events and programs throughout the year. Schedule one-on-one appointments with a career advisor. Learn how to get started with the Becker Career Center. It all starts with a Handshake! Students are encouraged to bring their laptops. Computers will be available.

Thursday Sept. 6, 1pm

Friday Sept. 7, 1pm

Monday Sept. 10, 10am

Thursday Sept. 13, 4pm

Tuesday Sept. 18, 1pm

Monday Sept. 24, 1pm

Wednesday Sept. 26, 4pm

Thursday Oct. 4, 4pm

Wednesday October 10, 1pm

Tuesday Oct. 16, 4pm

Friday Oct. 19, 10am

Monday Oct. 22, 4pm

Wednesday Oct. 24, 10am

Tuesday Oct. 30, 1pm

Friday Nov. 2, 10am

Monday Nov. 5, 1pm

Wednesday Nov. 7, 4pm

Questions? Email, call (518) 388-6176 or stop by the office.