Welcome to The Becker Career Center’s Inaugural Blog!

It seems fitting we’d commence blogging as we begin another wonderful academic year! Join us here to learn more about happenings at the Career Center, but most of all to hear enthusiastic updates from our students about their internship experiences, job and grad school search strategies and networking advice!

To kick off this first post, we are sharing insights from our wonderful Community Service Funded Interns. Each year our students have the opportunity to apply to funding for summer internships at a non-profit organization.  We want to shout out a special thank you to our alumni who funded these amazing students this summer:The Class of 1973, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, and the Board of Trustees who established an endowed fund in the name of Roger H. Hull.

This summer’s funded interns have been up to some pretty great things!   

Olivia Britton ’18, HACSO Community Center, Spring Valley, NY 

My time at HACSO Community Center has been an enlightening experience. Over the course of my internship, I learned things about myself I would have never known if it were not for my time at this organization. From this internship, I learned about the harsh reality that financial hardships place upon non-profit organizations; our limited resources inhibited programs and staff development. I was not able to make the significant difference I wishfully anticipated; however, I was able to learn that small contributions help in big ways. Most importantly, this internship solidified my passion in exercising capacity-building and my commitment to serve the Third World.

David Roy ’16, Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program, Boston, MA

Shivangi Mehta ’16, The Legal Project, Albany, NY 

Shivangi MehtaThe conversations I had in the office were also essential; whether it was with an attorney, support staff member, or law school student, I found myself learning in more ways than one. Most importantly I learned how, unfortunately, the law does not always act in the favor of the victim and how often critical thinking is necessary in difficult situations. The real life experience I gained this summer was valuable as it showed me firsthand how simple things may seem on paper yet how complicated they are in practice. I was also able to use this internship to gain perspective on what I wanted to do post-graduation.

Cara Slugaski ’16, SCAP Head Start, Schenectady, NY

Michael Vallejo ’16, Breakthrough Collaborative, Boston, MA

My biggest concern, while applying for the position, was that I never understood how to manage a classroom or develop lesson plans. The two-weeks of training before my first day in the classroom definitely gave me reassurance and the confidence I needed to execute my classes for six weeks. Though I faced many obstacles during my experience with Breakthrough Collaborative, it was a rewarding experience that gave me a positive outlook on the endless hard work and dedication teachers make to ensure their students receive the education they deserve.


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