Internship Advice from the Internship Lady

Students who return to campus after having completed their summer internship experiences share great insight and advice on how to secure a meaningful summer opportunity. In hindsight there is an increased understanding of the internship search process, in particular, the amount of time and effort that should be put forth. Advice from summer 2015 interns to students interested in securing an internship this upcoming summer is: 1) Start Early; 2) Network.

Start early.

The Becker Career Center encourages all students to begin their internship search as soon as possible. Currently in HireU, the Becker Career Center job and internship database, there are over 200 positions for undergraduate students to search and apply to. The number of positions will continue to grow throughout the academic year, as we add new opportunities every day.

“Some companies start hiring in the fall, so make sure you’re paying attention to deadlines.  Also, don’t get discouraged if an opportunity doesn’t work out.  There are so many internships out there, you just have to be persistent and keep trying.” Kristy Landre ’16, Due Diligence Wealth Management Intern at Commonwealth Financial Network

It is never too early to begin searching for positions and networking with alumni to learn about opportunities.


The goal of networking is to build relationships to increase your knowledge in a particular field or occupation while opening doors to opportunity such as an internship.

“Put yourself out there. If you can, walk into the place you have an interest in and introduce yourself, people admire that.” Daniel Tompkins ’17, Porsche Global Certified Brand Ambassador, New Country Motor Car Group

“In order to get something you want you have to be willing to put yourself out there, no matter how nervous it makes you. Practice what you’re going to say and then go out and say it! I wouldn’t have the skills I have today if I never walked through that door.” Daniel Tompkins

“Definitely network and use your connections.  I wouldn’t have gotten my internship without a connection I had.  They can advocate for you and help get your foot in the door, which is so helpful when recruiters are getting hundreds of applications for only a few spots.” Kristy Landre

Cody Bellair, ’16, Mechanical Engineering major worked as an Engineering Intern at PVA this past summer. Cody is a great example as he started his internship search early and understood the value of networking. Cody connected with Ashley Johnston, ’14, Project Engineer at PVA which ultimately led to the summer internship opportunity. Their collaboration this summer reaffirms the importance of relationships built through networking efforts.

To learn more about networking with alumni, please visit


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