Here’s Looking at You, Seniors!

Seniors…get started today!

If you haven’t yet attended a Senior Orientation there still are a few more left. Senior Orientation is required to participate in recruiting activities through the Becker Career Center. Upcoming Orientations include: ​Sept. 24, 6pm; Sept.​ 25, 1pm; Sept. 30, 6pm. If none of these times fit your schedule, get together a group of 5 or more students/friends/teammates and let us know a date and time that works better for you; contact Rochelle at

A few tips from alumni:

  1. Treat your job search or graduate school planning as if it were a class; schedule time on a weekly basis.
  2. Start the job hunt as soon as possible, especially if you want a leadership development program, as most start recruiting in the early fall.
  3. Start your graduate school applications NOW. It takes time to get personal statements reviewed and to ask professors to write letters of recommendation.
  4. Use the UCAN​ Alumni Database: I called over 20 alums and talked to them about their careers, and any advice they had for me. This was one of the most helpful things I did. I figured out the types of jobs I was interested in, and helped narrow my search.
  5. I learned that practice makes perfect. By practicing interviews as many times as I did with the career center, I felt ready to do it in the ‘real world’. Take advantage of Mock Interview Day with real employers on Oct. 2. Contact the Career Center to sign up: 518.388.6176.
  6. Apply for jobs that you have the slightest interest in; you never know what you’ll learn about yourself, and you may even end up liking it. Be open minded & give things a try.

To get started on these or other aspects of your job search or graduate school plans, contact the Career Center at


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