Practice Makes Perfect!

I’m sure you have all heard this phrase before.  Whether it is getting ready for the next big game, performance, concert, or speech, we all know that practicing improves the outcome!  The same can be said for preparing for interviews for jobs and internships!  You wouldn’t want to step into an interview and do this:


So, how can you avoid freezing during an interview? The answer is simple, mock interviews!

Lucky for you, we are hosting a Mock Interview Day THIS FRIDAY, 10/2 from 9-4pm.  This is your chance to schedule mock interviews with REAL employers without the stress of having a job or internship on the line!  These employers will ask you basic, behavioral interview questions and provide feedback on your ability to answer their questions, body language and overall presence.  This feedback will give you some great insight on your areas for improvement and instances where you shine!

To sign up for a 30min. mock interview time, you can follow these instructions:

If you have having trouble signing up, you can call the career center to register! Deadline to sign up is Thursday, October 1st at 12pm (AKA TOMORROW)

You do not want to miss this opportunity to interview with real employers or you’ll end up like this:

The app


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