Thinking About Graduate School?

Factors to consider:

  • Is post-graduate education useful in your career field?
  • What will it cost? (Don’t forget to take into account loss of salary potential while pursuing graduate study).
  • How long will it take?
  • Do you enjoy academics / research?
  • Are you willing and interested in doing the work involved in graduate school?
  • Will it increase your earning potential or job opportunities in the future?

grad app

Typical Graduate School Application Materials Include:

Standardized Testing

Resume / CV

Personal Statement / Statement of Purpose

Letters of Recommendation

Official Transcripts

Supplemental Essays / Portfolios

The graduate school application process is extensive and one of the most challenging portions is writing your personal statement or statement of purpose. If you need help writing your personal statement, you should make an appointment with an advisor at the Becker Career Center, where we can review the content and formatting of a personal statement. The Writing Center also offers personal statement reviews. Once you have a polished statement, you should have it reviewed by a professor or advisor within your department.

grad app 2

Graduate School Tips from the Becker Career Center:

Pro-Tip: Talk to your professors! Your professors have already been through this experience and they’re aware of your capabilities and experiences here at Union College. One of the best ways to get advice on programs is to schedule a meeting to get their input.

Pro-Tip: Begin your research now and keep track of it! You should begin your graduate school research early and keep track of relevant information. Here is an example of a spreadsheet you may want to consider making as you research potential schools. You will quickly learn that graduate school website are not easy to navigate, so bookmark links to save yourself time in the future. To learn more about things to take into consideration while researching graduate school, read our handout for Graduate School Preparation.

Pro-Tip: Research using a variety of resources: The Becker Career Center has a small library of books related to graduate school that students can check out. Visit our graduate school resources page to find handouts, useful website to research graduate school information, and testing sites.

Pro-Tip: Make Regular Appointments with the Career Center. We can help you set goals and utilize our resources to effectively research and apply to graduate school.

grad app 3

Attend Upcoming Graduate School Fairs:

BioMed Virtual Grad School Fair – October 6, 8:00am, Online

Social Work Grad School Virtual Fair – October 8, 8:00am, Online

SUNY Downstate Medical Center Graduate Programs Open House – October 13, 5:30pm, Brooklyn, NY

Engineering Grad School Virtual Fair – October 14, 8:00am, Online

For information on the graduate school fairs and other events, visit HireU, or call 518.388.6176


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