Making the Most of Winter Term!

Did you know that the majority of job and internship deadlines will fall sometime during winter term?  Employers are looking to fill their internship and full time hire pool as soon as possible and they are looking for U right now!

So how do you make the most of this opportunity over the next 7 weeks?  Here are a few tips to get you started:

no idea what i am doing

  1. Set up an appointment to have your resume and cover letter checked
    • No matter how many times you have had your resume reviewed or how many cover letters you have written, it is always important to make sure that it is error free and representative of your skills and abilities
  2. Attend an Internship Search Orientation
    • This is a great way to brush up on your job and internship searching skills.
    • I highly recommend this for seniors who haven’t logged into HireU or LACN or underclassmen just getting started!
  3. Attend the Career Fair
    • The career fair is going to be held in College Park Hall on Tuesday, February 16th from 4-7pm
    • This is the best way to get connected with employers, learn about companies and try to secure jobs and internships!
    • You can register through HireU.
      • Log in
      • Click on Career Center Events Tab
      • Type in Union College Career Fair 2016
      • Click on the event title
      • Hit Register
      • Check out the companies who will be in attendance (this is not a final list)
    • Don’t think that after 1 meeting with someone in our office your job is done!
      • This process takes a while and if you know that the term is going to be busy, carve out time to set up meetings on a regular basis with someone in our office!
    • The better connected you are with our office and counselors, the better able we are to help you through this journey!

The time is now ladies and gentlemen- and we are excited to help you through it! There is so much to be learned on how to start your careers and we are here to help you!  Call or set up an appointment today to get started! or 518-388-6176




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