You’ve Received a Job Offer, Now What?

I was told here would be job offers

It’s the most exciting time of the job and internship year!  Job and internship postings are coming in, applications are being reviewed and sent out, and job and internships are being offered to students!  What could be better?

You’ve worked your way through all the difficult stuff and the only thing that stands between you and your summer experience or full time job is accepting the offer!  It might seem simple, but there are some important things to know! One of the most important aspects of accepting a job offer is not backing out of it for a better opportunity!

What we are talking about here is RENEGING!

To help you understand how important it is not to renege on your offer, we are providing you with some information!

So what is Reneging?

Reneging is accepting an offer of employment while continuing to search for additional employment opportunities, and then declining the initial offer of employment and accepting the second offer of employment.

Why is it bad?

These actions negatively affect the partnership between the employer and the career center, opportunities for future classes and the College’s reputation.  More importantly, the world is small and it is not uncommon for professionals to talk among colleagues about students who have reneged on an offer, leading to a negative reputation for that student! (Don’t be that student!)

What do I do?

The Becker Career Center has a guideline, for students to follow on the topic:

  • Students must accept offers in good faith, notifying employers on a timely basis of an acceptance or non-acceptance and withdrawing from the recruiting process after accepting an offer of employment.
  • To provide additional specificity, the Career Center’s view is that when you accept an offer of employment from an employer you have made a commitment. That commitment is for the length of the internship, or one year if it is a full-time job.


What about Employers?

Employers have an obligation to refrain from any practices that improperly influence and affect job acceptances. Such practices may include undue time pressure for acceptance of employment offers and encouragement of revocation of another employment offer.  Generally speaking, the earlier in the academic year that an offer is given the longer the time frame students should have for responding to an offer.

If you feel undue pressure to accept an offer of employment you should contact the career center.  A career counselor will work with you to determine the facts, and as necessary, contact the employer to ensure a full understanding of the situation.  With this understanding the career counselor will help you navigate this situation.


We don’t want to be a drag talking about negative aspects of accepting job offers, but this is something that you should understand and carry with you even as you are changing jobs in the future.  The world is small and people talk, so let’s give them important topics to talk about, like how awesome of an employee you are going to be!


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