Graduate School 101: What You Need to Know

Did you know that 60% of Union College students express interest in pursuing graduate school when they enter as a First Year, but only 21% of the 2015 class was headed into graduate school upon graduation?

Some students find that graduate school isn’t the right option for them. Others find that they need work experience before going to graduate school. Another group simply misses many of the application deadlines and have to postpone their graduate school plans.  The Becker Career Center is here to help every step of the way so students are aware of where they stand in the application process. Check out our Graduate School Timeline to see what steps you can be taking right now. Yes – if you are thinking about graduate school, there are steps to be taking even as a first year student!

It might be a surprise for you to learn that applying to graduate schools is a lot like the job and internship search process. You need to begin understanding your career goals, develop professional documents, research (Employers, Graduate Schools), practice interviewing and begin networking. The applications themselves involve several edits and reviews before they’re ready to be submitted. As Union Alumni often express; “I wish I started sooner!” Don’t be that person!

The Becker Career Center is encouraging students of all class years that are interested in graduate school to attend our brand new 30 minute Graduate School 101 Workshops. All workshops are held in the Becker Career Center, but you can always request one be brought to your class or organization’s weekly meetings. We hope to provide you with enough information so that you can make informed decisions about graduate school early!

Graduate School 101 Workshops

@ the Becker Career Center


The workshops will give you the tools to answer some of these questions

“Is graduate school right for me and necessary for my career path?”

“What should I consider when researching graduate schools?”

“What are my resources on campus?”

“What is included in an application and when should I start working on it?”

“When should I take practice admissions tests?”

“How can I increase my chances of getting accepted?”

bigstock_information_1826650For more detailed information, check out our Graduate School Resources page here or read a previous blog written about graduate school here.

ask-questionsIf you have already started researching and applying to graduate schools and have specific questions, you should make a 1-1 appointment with Burgundy Magoon or Pete Fowler by emailing the Career Center at


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