Resume Writing Pro Tips

Last year we reviewed the basics of Resume and Cover Letter writing.

You may have a basic resume already finished, but how do you take it to the next level and make yourself stand out?

Tip #1: Update your resume frequently.

If you are now on the E-Board of a campus club or just started your senior thesis, now is the time to revisit your resume to see where these new experiences fit. Have the Career Center review your resume each time you make changes.

Tip #2: Move sections around depending on the position you’re applying to.

If the internship position description tells you that the employer is seeking a candidate that has technical skills, now might be the time to move your skills section higher up in the resume. If your coursework highlights only courses in your major but an elective demonstrates an additional skill that the employer may be interested in, now is the time to re-visit the courses you’ve highlighted on your resume to include the ones that are most relevant to the position you are applying to.

Tip #3: Tailor your resume to your career goals.

Don’t just have a “Work Experience” section with every work experience from an internship at PwC to your time working at Dominos Pizza. As you tailor your experiences, tailor your resume. Separate these experiences into “Related Experience” and “Additional Experience” or “Engineering Experience” and “Additional Experience.” Check out the Resume Guide and review Johnny Cad, Anita Job and Eddie Vedder for great examples of tailored resumes.

Tip #4: Order your bullets from most to least relevant.

Keep in mind an employer will be skimming your resume in just 30 seconds. Under each experience, make sure the bullets that highlight the most important skills are listed first.

Tip #5: Keep it polished!

A little formatting goes a long way. As you edit your resume, make sure that the font type and size remains the same throughout. Make sure your spelling is correct. If you have a period at the end of one bullet, make sure it’s at the end of all the bullets. Keep it consistent and keep it pretty. The person reviewing your resume will definitely notice.

Your resume is one of your first chances to make an impression with a potential employer. Make sure it’s a good one!


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