Words from a Career Assistant

Dear fellow classmates,

We get it. The Becker Career Center can be an intimidating place when you’re thinking about your FUTURE but we want to help! At the career center, we make sure you feel comfortable and capable of following your dreams. You cannot decide your future in just one appointment but it will take multiple. Our counselors take you step by step through planning and building your future.

At Becker, we strongly encourage first year students to come in to the office. We think it is VERY important for students to begin the process early as you will be more prepared to gain employment or attend graduate school upon graduation.  When you make an appointment with the career center, we set you up with a career counselor who is ready to you GET STARTED! You may ask how do I make an appointment? Well this is very EASY. Email careercenter@union.edu and state what we can help you with, stop-into the office, or call (518) 388- 6176. Some appointment options are resume review, cover letter review, networking, interview preparation and many more! Our counselors are excited to learn about you, your strengths, your goals, and get you on track.

If you want to start with a workshop rather than an individual meeting, we offer orientations for internship search, UCAN alumni database, LinkedIn, and more! You’re never at a disadvantage coming to Becker Career Center. Checkout HireU for more details.

What if I’m a junior and have never been to the Career Center? Am I toast? Of course not. Some students don’t make it to the Career Center until their senior year, and that’s okay. We have counselors who specialize in all fields, for all class years.

The Becker Career Center is always here to help get you on track, no matter your class year.  It’s like the final project or long research paper – it’s only scary until you dive in.



A Career Assistant



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