Meet Christina Dykas ’18, Community Service Funded Intern

This summer, Christina Dykas (Biology ’18), has been working in the WIC, Health Imperatives, Inc. office in Cape Cod. Christina tells us, “I have been able to immerse myself into so many different aspects of the organization and have learned so much.” Her busy schedule includes a multitude of tasks that vary from measuring heights and weights for prenatal mothers and children to assisting in educational programs that are offered by Cape Cod WIC. Not only has she provided educational programs for prenatal women on breastfeeding, Christina has also assisted with lactation support for postpartum women. Christina gives us some insight into what some of the educational programs entail. She writes, “On Tuesday nights from 6pm-9pm, I have been assisting a WIC employee (Cheryl) with birth classes. This is a 6 week session for pregnant mothers and partners that discusses pregnancy, birthing and labor, breathing techniques, breastfeeding, and common problems/misconceptions. There are two Saturday courses called “Labor Express” which condense this information into a one day class and I will be helping with these as well.”

Christina Photo 1

In addition, Christina has also assisted in providing WIC clients with coupons that can be used at Farmers’ Markets during the Farmer’s Market Celebration taking place on July 27th. Christina writes, “We are giving out WIC coupons for people that are in the program on July 27th. Each person gets $20 to use at local Farmers’ Markets. I will be at various markets (located in Falmouth, Hyannis, Osterville, Sandwich, and South Yarmouth), after the coupons have been distributed, to help explain which farmers accept the coupons and how to use these. In preparation for this day, I created a list of the 2017 Farmers’ Markets that accept WIC coupons and have been handing them out to clients.”

World Breastfeeding Week and Farmers Market Invitation (1)

Cape Cod WIC 2017 Farmers

This is just a taste of the many of the wonderful opportunities Christina has been able to be a part of. She is excited to continue her work through the rest of the summer and plans on creating a portfolio to not only outline everything she has accomplished, but also provide examples of the work she has completed while interning for Health Imperatives.



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