Meet Carolyn Doty ’18, Community Service Funded Intern

This summer, Carolyn Doty ’18, has served as a Community Service Funded Intern with Community Autism Resources in Swansea, Massachusetts. The Gottschall Access Program that Carolyn has been a part of this summer offers training and internships for young adults with autism. She serves as a Classroom Assistant and has been able to not only come up with lesson ideas, but also serve as an emotional support system for the students. Carolyn’s main assignment was to plan the organic farming lessons. She also attended the Community Autism Resources’s annual retreat where she was able to learn other aspects of the organization and collaborate with others in order to create a general plan for the second year of the GAP program.

In addition, she has been compiling grades and course evaluations from the last two semesters into a database while organizing applicant and current student files. This involves going through many neuropsych evaluations, which Carolyn says, “I think it’s been a good experience being able to go through the neuropsych evaluations of current students as someday I hope to be writing neuropsych evaluations; I enjoyed seeing how many of my observations lined up with those of clinicians.”

For the next few weeks, Carolyn writes, “I’ll be working on preparing for the next cohort of students, communicating with parents and scheduling their interviews.” She has had a fun time working with all of her students and her students have expressed that Carolyn will be greatly missed.



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