Updates from Christina Dykas ’18, Community Service Funded Intern

Christina Dykas ’18 provides us with an update on her recent accomplishments during her internship with WIC, Health Imperatives, Inc. She handed out over 300 vouchers to WIC participants to use at the Cape Cod Farmers Markets. Christina attended several of the farmers markets where she assisted with redeeming the vouchers.


During World Breast Feeding Week, Christina organized an event that was combined with the Farmers’ Market distribution. With many donations from Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Tufts Medical, Christina created free raffles for the clients that included things like food baskets, a breast pump, swaddle blankets, and house safety kits. In addition Christina writes, “A nurse also came to do skin screening checks for UV damage. I made lactation cookies and overnight oatmeal and handed these out with recipe cards.”

Christina was involved in a 6 week class called, “Learn About Your Baby” for pregnant women and partners. A significant amount of individuals attended the class in which they got great feedback on.

Overall, Christina tells us “This internship has been a great experience and I will be sad to leave!”


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