Grad School

Did you know that more than 60% of Union College first year students are thinking about graduate school in their future, but only 22% of the 2016 class headed into graduate school upon graduation?

Some students realized they didn’t need to or want to go to graduate school right after undergrad. Some individuals missed the application deadlines and they needed to postpone. Some realized they needed more work experience before graduate school. Another group simply misses many of the application deadlines and had to postpone their graduate school plans. The Becker Career Center is here to help every step of the way.

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Check out our Graduate School Timeline here to see what steps you can be taking right now. Applying to graduate schools is a lot like the job and internship search process. You need to begin understanding your career goals, develop professional documents, research (Employers, Graduate Schools), practice interviewing and begin networking early on. The applications involve several edits and reviews before they’re ready to be submitted.

Check out our Graduate School Resources page here for more information. If you have already started researching or have specific questions about the application process, you can make an appointment by emailing


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