Remaining Events for Spring Term

Dear Union Students,

The school year is almost done – you did it! Whether this is your first year and you’ve got one year of college under your belt or you’re a senior getting ready to graduate, (congratulations are definitely in order) the Becker Career Center can help. Before you head home (or to the beach!) for the summer, take a minute to make sure you are setting yourself up for success! Below, we have provided important dates to keep in mind before the end of the term.

UCAN Orientations:

You must attend a 30 minute UCAN orientation if you are interested in accessing Union’s alumni database. UCAN provides over 11,000 Union alumni willing to speak with current Union students and offer career advice. This orientation will teach protocol for appropriate use, strategies for alumni outreach, and the steps to conducting an effective informational interview. The dates are as follows:

May 9, 1:00pm                  May 11, 1:00pm

May 15, 4:00pm                May 17, 1:00pm

May 23, 1:00pm                May 26, 12:00pm

June 1, 4:00pm

LinkedIn Workshops:

Do you have questions about LinkedIn? Attend a workshop and learn the basics, including an overview of what LinkedIn does, how to build your profile, appropriate networking strategies, and how to expand your network. It can be an awesome tool to help you connect with professionals! We advise that you bring your own computer, if possible. We are only holding TWO more workshops before the end of the term, so mark your calendars!

May 10, 4:00pm and May 22, 1:00pm

Internship Orientations:

Students wishing to participate in on-campus internship recruitment opportunities must attend one of these hands-on programs. During this 45-minute session you will search internship databases to identify employers who are looking for you and learn how to compete effectively for opportunities of interest.

May 9, 1:00pm and May 11, 4:00pm

Graduating without a job, now what?:

Becker Career Center also offers an information session for current seniors who have yet to secure employment. Learn what employers want and what it takes to secure the right position for you. Also, find out how Becker Career Center resources can help you! This session will take place on May 23 at 4:00pm.

Other events to look out for:

Lunch with an Alum:

Kate Collins ’16, Econ and English major, Women in Economics Club, SDT, Concordy, and Tennis team. Join us for lunch to learn about Kate’s career path since graduating from Union. She is now in the GE Financial Management Program! Location: Sorum Great Room. May 10, Common Hour

MEDICRUIT Healthcare Virtual Fair:

May 17, 1:00-3:00pm. Medicruit invites you to attend the Healthcare Virtual Career Fair to connect LIVE with recruiters from leading healthcare organizations. This event is open to all healthcare professionals from entry-level to experienced. Registration is required. Register at Create a profile and you will receive email reminders leading up to the event. Then, login to the career fair on May 17 to chat with recruiters and apply for jobs.

Words from a Career Assistant

Dear fellow classmates,

We get it. The Becker Career Center can be an intimidating place when you’re thinking about your FUTURE but we want to help! At the career center, we make sure you feel comfortable and capable of following your dreams. You cannot decide your future in just one appointment but it will take multiple. Our counselors take you step by step through planning and building your future.

At Becker, we strongly encourage first year students to come in to the office. We think it is VERY important for students to begin the process early as you will be more prepared to gain employment or attend graduate school upon graduation.  When you make an appointment with the career center, we set you up with a career counselor who is ready to you GET STARTED! You may ask how do I make an appointment? Well this is very EASY. Email and state what we can help you with, stop-into the office, or call (518) 388- 6176. Some appointment options are resume review, cover letter review, networking, interview preparation and many more! Our counselors are excited to learn about you, your strengths, your goals, and get you on track.

If you want to start with a workshop rather than an individual meeting, we offer orientations for internship search, UCAN alumni database, LinkedIn, and more! You’re never at a disadvantage coming to Becker Career Center. Checkout HireU for more details.

What if I’m a junior and have never been to the Career Center? Am I toast? Of course not. Some students don’t make it to the Career Center until their senior year, and that’s okay. We have counselors who specialize in all fields, for all class years.

The Becker Career Center is always here to help get you on track, no matter your class year.  It’s like the final project or long research paper – it’s only scary until you dive in.



A Career Assistant


Welcome Back for Spring Term!


We know how excited you all must be to be back on campus, especially with warmer weather soon approaching! A new term is like a clean slate, you have time to prioritize your classes and take advantage of opportunities to be great students!  To get you motivated to be the best students you can be, Buzzfeed has created a article on how to be a great student this week:

We all know that the trimester moves quickly as homework piles up and mid-terms are scheduled in week 3!  That means that soon, your job and internship search take a back seat as class work piles up and the weather gets nicer. Your studies are important and we get that, heck you came to college to become employable, so we want you to keep up with your work! That being said, while you have the time and before your schedule gets too crazy- schedule a meeting with someone in our office to talk about your plans for this summer or even next year!

I can promise you, you do not want to be the person who decided to wait until last minute or when your life becomes less stressful to find a job or an internship.  Not only because deadlines are passing on a daily basis, but also because you don’t need that kind of stress.  Take 30 min. out of your day and stop in to see one of us and we can get you on the right track. Please check HireU for a list of programs and events or stop into the career center and take a look at all of the flyers at the front desk! It doesn’t get any easier than that!

If all else fails, remember that someone told you to come see us!  We can help you from there!

Welcome back, we are looking forward to a great spring term!

Congratulations on Completing Winter Term!

Congratulations goes out to ALL students on the successful completion of Winter Term!


It flew by, as our trimesters tend to do!

Taking a little bit of a different approach to this weeks blog, we are looking for YOUR participation- We would LOVE to know what you are up to this break!

If you: 

Have secured a job offer– YAY congratulations! Let us know about it!

Have an internship for spring breakwe’d love to know what you are up to!

Are headed to Graduate School– contact us!

Accepted an internship for the summer of 2017E-mail us!

Need help applying for jobs/internships/grad school, perfecting your documents OR prepping for an interviewwe are here to help! 

Our office is open throughout break from 8 am- 4 pm.  We are happy to schedule in person appointments as well as appointments over the phone! This is a PERFECT time to get a jump start on the job, internship and grad school search! You should also check HireU for events happening at the Becker Career Center during Spring Term!

I know you are all looking forward to this time off from classes!  Enjoy, rest, relax and we look forward to seeing you March 27th!

You’ve Received a Job Offer, Now What?

I was told here would be job offers

It’s the most exciting time of the job and internship year!  Job and internship postings are coming in, applications are being reviewed and sent out, and job and internships are being offered to students!  What could be better?

You’ve worked your way through all the difficult stuff and the only thing that stands between you and your summer experience or full time job is accepting the offer!  It might seem simple, but there are some important things to know! One of the most important aspects of accepting a job offer is not backing out of it for a better opportunity!

What we are talking about here is RENEGING!

To help you understand how important it is not to renege on your offer, we are providing you with some information!

So what is Reneging?

Reneging is accepting an offer of employment while continuing to search for additional employment opportunities, and then declining the initial offer of employment and accepting the second offer of employment.

Why is it bad?

These actions negatively affect the partnership between the employer and the career center, opportunities for future classes and the College’s reputation.  More importantly, the world is small and it is not uncommon for professionals to talk among colleagues about students who have reneged on an offer, leading to a negative reputation for that student! (Don’t be that student!)

What do I do?

The Becker Career Center has a guideline for students to follow on the topic:

  • Students must accept offers in good faith, notifying employers on a timely basis of an acceptance or non-acceptance and withdrawing from the recruiting process after accepting an offer of employment.
  • To provide additional specificity, the Career Center’s view is that when you accept an offer of employment from an employer you have made a commitment. That commitment is for the length of the internship, or one year if it is a full-time job.

What about Employers?

Employers have an obligation to refrain from any practices that improperly influence and affect job acceptances. Such practices may include undue time pressure for acceptance of employment offers and encouragement of revocation of another employment offer.  Generally speaking, the earlier in the academic year that an offer is given the longer the time frame students should have for responding to an offer.

If you feel undue pressure to accept an offer of employment you should contact the career center.  A career counselor will work with you to determine the facts, and as necessary, contact the employer to ensure a full understanding of the situation.  With this understanding the career counselor will help you navigate this situation.

We don’t want to be a drag talking about negative aspects of accepting job offers, but this is something that you should understand and carry with you even as you are changing jobs in the future.  The world is small and people talk, so let’s give them important topics to talk about, like how awesome of an employee you are going to be!

5,113 miles and back: A PCA’s Experience Abroad!

Becker Career Center’s PCA, Katya Perez discusses her term aboard in Argentina!

“In my 20 years of life, never had I ever traveled to a foreign country. I’m your regular city girl from Boston and my biggest vacation up to that point had been a family trip to Puerto Rico when I was 12, where I visited my family for less than a week. So, you can imagine that a nearly 4-month trip to South America had my head spinning!

I originally chose Argentina because I wanted to learn more about Latin American culture. Yeah, I’m a Latina, but I’m also a first-generation American…I was just as clueless as any first-time traveler would be. I was fascinated by Argentina’s long revolutionary history; from their role in liberating South America from Spanish rule to the last military dictatorship of the 20th century, I just wanted to learn more about the social and political climate.

When I first arrived in the country, my group and I spent a week in Buenos Aires, the capital city. Here, we were tourists…we saw sights like the Obelisco monument, visited Victorian-era homes of famous writers like those of La Familia Ocampo, and went to amazing live performances like Fuerza Bruta. (a.k.a. The most fun and exciting show I’ve ever been seen! 10/10 would recommend!) And the food…? Don’t even get me going. Argentina is well known for its steak, wine, and cheese, and every day we went to incredible restaurants. When we left the capital for a 10-hour bus ride to Córdoba, the second-most populated city in the country and the place I would call home for the next 14 weeks.


Córdoba is located right in the middle of the country at the foot of a mountain pass called Las Sierras. It’s a large city with a lot of private colleges and public universities, so it was the perfect place to meet other students, both local and foreign. Here I lived with my host mom in the barrio or neighborhood known as Providencia in a cozy apartment. Classes were held in the center of the city, so I used the city’s bus system to get to school or hang with friends.

We attended class twice a week, which left tons of room for traveling and getting to know our surroundings. Each of us was assigned a speaking partner – a local student who was studying English – with whom we spent time practicing the languages we wanted to learn. My speaking partner Yesica often times took me and my friends out to explore the city and introduced us to many of her other friends. When I wasn’t in class or passing time at a café, you could almost always find me at La Feria de los Artes, also known as Las Pulgas, where hand-made artisanal goods and souvenirs were sold (at really great prices!).

Our trip was jam-packed with museum trips and regular excursions to neighboring communities like Alta Gracia (Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s childhood home), but some of my most fond memories are of those in which I traveled around and within the country. Traveling was relatively easy and affordable and almost always required a bus trip of 10 or more hours. (But don’t worry; you can book tickets for a cama bus where the seats recline into a bed!) As a group, we visited the northern, mountainous regions of Salta and Jujuy where we learned a great deal about the indigenous culture. It was here that I ate llama and tried coca leaves for the first time! We also went to a city called Mendoza where we hiked and rappelled down mountains, visited a natural hot spring, and ate the most delicious asado, an Argentine barbeque. But my favorite trip was to Iguazú Falls, the largest waterfall system in the world right on the border of Argentina and Brazil. I took a 22-hour bus ride to get there, but it was the most breath-taking and exhilarating experience I’ve had to date.


Throughout my time in Argentina, I struggled to break the language barrier and learn to adjust in a completely different culture, but the amount of personal growth I experienced in those few weeks was incomparable to most other moments in my life. I learned how to be truly independent and get out of my shell more. I learned about social justice. But above all, I learned that no matter where in the world life takes us, it is through empathy and determination that we realize that we’re all equal human beings just trying to get by the best we can. I’m so grateful I challenged myself enough to have an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience!”

Career Fair…What Career Fair??…

But it IS as easy as strapping on your suit and heading down to the Career Fair!


The Union College Career Fair at College Park Hall is Tuesday, Feb. 21, 4-7pm! Less than two weeks to go. Are you ready? No worries, here are 5 quick tips to help you prepare to make the most of the event. Who knows, you may even walk away with an internship or a job…or even a networking contact/alum to reach out to!

Over 70 organizations representing a variety of industries will be on campus to talk with you about internships, post-graduate and gap year employment opportunities, and graduate school programs; as well as their organizations. No matter what your class year or your area of interest, the Career Fair will have something for you! See handout of organizations listed by industry attached!

 Quick Tips 

  1. Register on HireU(we’ll have a professional nametag waiting for you) & Check out the list of participating organizations
    • Register now by logging into HireU!
      • login using your ID# and last name
      • once logged in, at the top of the page select “Career Center Events,”
      • in Career Event Name box type “2017”, then click Search
      • click on “Union college Career fair 2017”
      • click “Register for Event”
  1. Polish your resume
    • Have you been meaning to get over to the Career Center to have someone look at your resume? Stop by next Thursday, Feb. 16 for “Quick Resume Review Day”, 9am-4pm. 15 minute walk-in appointments available on first come, first served basis. Bring a print copy of your resume for career advisor feedback.
  2. Attend a prep session. Especially if this is your first time attending a career fair, you will find this very helpful. Learn how to:
    • Make a great first impression (you only have one chance to make a first impression!)
    • Find out about internships and jobs and grad programs and gap-year (or two) opportunities right for U
    • Hand your resume to employers (sometimes this is awkward, right?)
    • Upcoming Prep Session Dates at the Career Center:
      • Wednesday, Feb. 15, 4:00pm
      • Thursday, Feb. 16, 1:00pm
      • Monday, Feb. 20, 5:00pm
  1. Develop and practice your self-introduction/elevator pitch
    • “Hi, my name is _________. I am a _______ at Union College, majoring in _______ or with an interest in_____. Through my research, I understand that your organization hires _________and I would like to learn more about these opportunities.”
  2. Iron your suit
    • Professional attire is required; however, if you don’t have your suit on campus, don’t fret, just try to dress as close to a suit as possible (women: dress pants or skirt to the knee, modest top, neutral blazer/sweater; men: dress/khaki pants, dress shirt & tie [please no cocktail dresses].

All that’s left to do is shine like the brilliant Union College student you are!

See you Tuesday, February 21, 4-7pm at College Park Hall! (trolleys will be running every 30 minutes from Old Chapel Circle and Reamer Circle to CPH)

Questions?  Contact the Career Center at or 518.388.6176