Meet Carolyn Doty ’18, Community Service Funded Intern

This summer, Carolyn Doty ’18, has served as a Community Service Funded Intern with Community Autism Resources in Swansea, Massachusetts. The Gottschall Access Program that Carolyn has been a part of this summer offers training and internships for young adults with autism. She serves as a Classroom Assistant and has been able to not only come up with lesson ideas, but also serve as an emotional support system for the students. Carolyn’s main assignment was to plan the organic farming lessons. She also attended the Community Autism Resources’s annual retreat where she was able to learn other aspects of the organization and collaborate with others in order to create a general plan for the second year of the GAP program.

In addition, she has been compiling grades and course evaluations from the last two semesters into a database while organizing applicant and current student files. This involves going through many neuropsych evaluations, which Carolyn says, “I think it’s been a good experience being able to go through the neuropsych evaluations of current students as someday I hope to be writing neuropsych evaluations; I enjoyed seeing how many of my observations lined up with those of clinicians.”

For the next few weeks, Carolyn writes, “I’ll be working on preparing for the next cohort of students, communicating with parents and scheduling their interviews.” She has had a fun time working with all of her students and her students have expressed that Carolyn will be greatly missed.



Updates from Christina Dykas ’18, Community Service Funded Intern

Christina Dykas ’18 provides us with an update on her recent accomplishments during her internship with WIC, Health Imperatives, Inc. She handed out over 300 vouchers to WIC participants to use at the Cape Cod Farmers Markets. Christina attended several of the farmers markets where she assisted with redeeming the vouchers.


During World Breast Feeding Week, Christina organized an event that was combined with the Farmers’ Market distribution. With many donations from Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Tufts Medical, Christina created free raffles for the clients that included things like food baskets, a breast pump, swaddle blankets, and house safety kits. In addition Christina writes, “A nurse also came to do skin screening checks for UV damage. I made lactation cookies and overnight oatmeal and handed these out with recipe cards.”

Christina was involved in a 6 week class called, “Learn About Your Baby” for pregnant women and partners. A significant amount of individuals attended the class in which they got great feedback on.

Overall, Christina tells us “This internship has been a great experience and I will be sad to leave!”

Meet Matthew Liquori ’18, Community Service Funded Intern


This summer, Matthew Liquori ’18, has been devoting his time to the Joan Nicole Prince Home (JNP) located in Scotia, NY as a Community Service Funded Intern by the Class of 1973. JNP is a special place that houses terminally ill patients that have three months or fewer to live. What makes this place so special is that only two patients can live there at a time. With all the volunteers that come in to help, the patients can live comfortably without the burden of friends/family having to worry about them.

One of the many important parts of volunteering is getting new residents settled at the home. Matthew remembers moving in a new resident, Scott, who didn’t seem all that thrilled to be at JNP, but as soon as Matthew asked what his favorite food was, Scott beamed with excitement. Scott told them about his love for Greek gizzard soup. Matthew recalls, “For 20 minutes, he described to us the history of the soup and his Greek heritage, how it’s made, and how it makes him feel practically invincible.” After, Matthew and another volunteer went to the store and bought everything they needed to make the Greek gizzard soup. Scott talked the volunteers through everything and once they finished, Scott could not wait to try it. With more and more home cooked meals, Scott claimed that he had not felt this great in a while. Coming from a hospital where he was basically bed-ridden, Scott started to gain more weight and even start walking laps around the house.

Since JNP only serves two patients at a time, the home does not fall under the laws of NYS. With this said the volunteers have a little more freedom with what they can do with the residents there. The residents of JNP can eat what they want, arrange their rooms however they would like, and much more. In his journal, Matthew mentions, “We recently had a resident that would have ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; as the saying goes, if that’s what they want, that’s what they’ll get!”

With all the joy that comes out of volunteering at JNP, there is also the uncertainty that comes along with it. Matthew, along with everyone else involved with JNP, doesn’t know when the residents are going to pass away. With the help of Dr. George Giokas, Matthew has learned to cope with this. Dr. George Giokas, director of palliative care at Ellis Hospital, met with volunteers of JNP and told them, “…in order to be a good medical provider, one must be comfortable with not knowing.” This stuck with Matthew as he continued working at JNP, along with what Executive Director of JNP (Sue) had to say at his orientation. Sue told the incoming volunteers that JNP is a “home for the living”; Matthew remembers this and continues to make the residents as comfortable as possible and take it day by day.

Matthew Liquori’s experience was featured in the Times Union. You can read about it and view pictures by visiting the following link: 

Meghan Reilly ’20, Community Service Funded Intern, Special Olympics New York

Meghan Reilly, Classics, ’20 is a Community Service Funded Intern with Special Olympics New York (SONY) located in Schenectady, NY. She received her funding by Roger H. Hull. The main focus of Meghan’s experience with SONY is to organize and attend competitions which help build confidence and character in the athletes. So far she has attended multiple events where she was given this chance. Some of the events include: the Arbor Hill Young Athletes event, the State Summer Games, and a golf tournament.


The State Summer Games were held at Siena College this past June and you can view the announcement video that was created for the games by clicking here. She states “I was in awe at the heart and skill that the athletes possessed.” Meghan was able to interact with 1700 athletes and coaches in a variety of competitions. “I loved the amount of exposure to the athletes that I got during this event and hope that more events in the future are as exciting as this one was!”


As she continues her internship, she states, “My dream is to do something that is fulfilling in ways that money cannot provide. This internship may inspire me to pursue a career working with nonprofits, or even inspire me to start my own organization. The possibilities are endless, and working here will help narrow down what my future career will entail.” Before the internship comes to an end, she intends to attend more events.


To view more photos from the State Summer Games, please visit 

Meet Christina Dykas ’18, Community Service Funded Intern

This summer, Christina Dykas (Biology ’18), has been working in the WIC, Health Imperatives, Inc. office in Cape Cod. Christina tells us, “I have been able to immerse myself into so many different aspects of the organization and have learned so much.” Her busy schedule includes a multitude of tasks that vary from measuring heights and weights for prenatal mothers and children to assisting in educational programs that are offered by Cape Cod WIC. Not only has she provided educational programs for prenatal women on breastfeeding, Christina has also assisted with lactation support for postpartum women. Christina gives us some insight into what some of the educational programs entail. She writes, “On Tuesday nights from 6pm-9pm, I have been assisting a WIC employee (Cheryl) with birth classes. This is a 6 week session for pregnant mothers and partners that discusses pregnancy, birthing and labor, breathing techniques, breastfeeding, and common problems/misconceptions. There are two Saturday courses called “Labor Express” which condense this information into a one day class and I will be helping with these as well.”

Christina Photo 1

In addition, Christina has also assisted in providing WIC clients with coupons that can be used at Farmers’ Markets during the Farmer’s Market Celebration taking place on July 27th. Christina writes, “We are giving out WIC coupons for people that are in the program on July 27th. Each person gets $20 to use at local Farmers’ Markets. I will be at various markets (located in Falmouth, Hyannis, Osterville, Sandwich, and South Yarmouth), after the coupons have been distributed, to help explain which farmers accept the coupons and how to use these. In preparation for this day, I created a list of the 2017 Farmers’ Markets that accept WIC coupons and have been handing them out to clients.”

World Breastfeeding Week and Farmers Market Invitation (1)

Cape Cod WIC 2017 Farmers

This is just a taste of the many of the wonderful opportunities Christina has been able to be a part of. She is excited to continue her work through the rest of the summer and plans on creating a portfolio to not only outline everything she has accomplished, but also provide examples of the work she has completed while interning for Health Imperatives.


Remaining Events for Spring Term

Dear Union Students,

The school year is almost done – you did it! Whether this is your first year and you’ve got one year of college under your belt or you’re a senior getting ready to graduate, (congratulations are definitely in order) the Becker Career Center can help. Before you head home (or to the beach!) for the summer, take a minute to make sure you are setting yourself up for success! Below, we have provided important dates to keep in mind before the end of the term.

UCAN Orientations:

You must attend a 30 minute UCAN orientation if you are interested in accessing Union’s alumni database. UCAN provides over 11,000 Union alumni willing to speak with current Union students and offer career advice. This orientation will teach protocol for appropriate use, strategies for alumni outreach, and the steps to conducting an effective informational interview. The dates are as follows:

May 9, 1:00pm                  May 11, 1:00pm

May 15, 4:00pm                May 17, 1:00pm

May 23, 1:00pm                May 26, 12:00pm

June 1, 4:00pm

LinkedIn Workshops:

Do you have questions about LinkedIn? Attend a workshop and learn the basics, including an overview of what LinkedIn does, how to build your profile, appropriate networking strategies, and how to expand your network. It can be an awesome tool to help you connect with professionals! We advise that you bring your own computer, if possible. We are only holding TWO more workshops before the end of the term, so mark your calendars!

May 10, 4:00pm and May 22, 1:00pm

Internship Orientations:

Students wishing to participate in on-campus internship recruitment opportunities must attend one of these hands-on programs. During this 45-minute session you will search internship databases to identify employers who are looking for you and learn how to compete effectively for opportunities of interest.

May 9, 1:00pm and May 11, 4:00pm

Graduating without a job, now what?:

Becker Career Center also offers an information session for current seniors who have yet to secure employment. Learn what employers want and what it takes to secure the right position for you. Also, find out how Becker Career Center resources can help you! This session will take place on May 23 at 4:00pm.

Other events to look out for:

Lunch with an Alum:

Kate Collins ’16, Econ and English major, Women in Economics Club, SDT, Concordy, and Tennis team. Join us for lunch to learn about Kate’s career path since graduating from Union. She is now in the GE Financial Management Program! Location: Sorum Great Room. May 10, Common Hour

MEDICRUIT Healthcare Virtual Fair:

May 17, 1:00-3:00pm. Medicruit invites you to attend the Healthcare Virtual Career Fair to connect LIVE with recruiters from leading healthcare organizations. This event is open to all healthcare professionals from entry-level to experienced. Registration is required. Register at Create a profile and you will receive email reminders leading up to the event. Then, login to the career fair on May 17 to chat with recruiters and apply for jobs.

Words from a Career Assistant

Dear fellow classmates,

We get it. The Becker Career Center can be an intimidating place when you’re thinking about your FUTURE but we want to help! At the career center, we make sure you feel comfortable and capable of following your dreams. You cannot decide your future in just one appointment but it will take multiple. Our counselors take you step by step through planning and building your future.

At Becker, we strongly encourage first year students to come in to the office. We think it is VERY important for students to begin the process early as you will be more prepared to gain employment or attend graduate school upon graduation.  When you make an appointment with the career center, we set you up with a career counselor who is ready to you GET STARTED! You may ask how do I make an appointment? Well this is very EASY. Email and state what we can help you with, stop-into the office, or call (518) 388- 6176. Some appointment options are resume review, cover letter review, networking, interview preparation and many more! Our counselors are excited to learn about you, your strengths, your goals, and get you on track.

If you want to start with a workshop rather than an individual meeting, we offer orientations for internship search, UCAN alumni database, LinkedIn, and more! You’re never at a disadvantage coming to Becker Career Center. Checkout HireU for more details.

What if I’m a junior and have never been to the Career Center? Am I toast? Of course not. Some students don’t make it to the Career Center until their senior year, and that’s okay. We have counselors who specialize in all fields, for all class years.

The Becker Career Center is always here to help get you on track, no matter your class year.  It’s like the final project or long research paper – it’s only scary until you dive in.



A Career Assistant